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18 hours 32 min
Treatment of atrial fibrillation through ablation therapy is evolving. In addition to isolation of the pulmonary veins, the vein of Marshall appears to be a potential target.

Read about the VENUS RCT in JAMA:

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2 weeks 6 days
The ECG is the most common cardiovascular diagnostic test. Last month, JAMA Interal Medicine published a meta-analysis assessing the accuracy of physicians’ or medical students’ ECG interpretations.The pooled accuracy for pretraining assessments was 42% for medical students, 56% for residents, 69% for practicing physicians, and 75% for cardiologists. So physicians at all training levels had deficiencies in ECG interpretation, even after educational interventions!

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The study:

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Accuracy of Physicians’ Electrocardiogram Interpretations
1 month 1 week
#ECG QUIZ n°74 !

-> Patient : 63-year-old man, asymptomatic, electrocardiogram made during regular check-up;

-> Quiz : Regarding this ECG, which answer(s) is(are) true ?

A. there is sinus rhythm
B. there is a sinus node dysfunction
C. atrial activity is retrograde
D. there is a first-degree AV block
E. there is inferior ischemia

Good luck !

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